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From opportunities to start your consulting career in the right way, to opportunities to wind down your career in the best tourist location in Australia, the demand for Anaesthetists means you can get the right job for your career situation.


The mainstay of every great hospital, the demand for Emergency Consultants has never been greater. Opportunities to develop your career are abound, with great options to test your training and directorship skills.


Zeep has a proud history of assisting doctors break through to senior management in Australia’s Hospital. If you are exploring your first executive role, or are established and seeking a fresh challenge, then we are here to make it easy.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

We have seen the locum demand for O&G steadily grow over the last few years. As rural Australia’s population grows, so does the continual need for skilled O&G specialists. Make sure families begin near their family home

Rural Generalists

Great opportunities to support the important rural communities of Australia are abound. Rural Generalists can be the highest paid of any Hospital doctors, and this is testament to importance Health Services place on ensuring quality health care for all.


From General Surgery to the specialist surgical areas, career growth opportunities are everywhere. Regional hospitals offer the best chance to see the widest range of cases for your personal development, accelerating your career and learning.

Mental Health

Australia’s commitment to mental health is clear and ongoing, making it the fastest growing medical speciality across both public and private hospitals. With departments growing, ample development opportunities are available, accelerating your career.


Medicine and its subspecialties are an essential service in regional hospitals. With specialists needing to be generalists, it ensures your skills remain sharp and you can provide the best health care possible. Being a generalist truly ensures your career has the flexibility to thrive.

Junior Doctors

Get your career off to the best of starts. We'll guide you through your options, from opportunities to work across departments broadening your skills, to opportunities that will provide you the best training in your chosen specialist field.

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Zeep has access to permanent career opportunities across the nation.

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Your Zeep permanent recruitment partner will work with you to map out all the career opportunities that are right for you.

Career Coaching

Uncertain as to what job is right for you? The Zeep team are experts in guiding you through the available pathways to achieve you ultimate career goal.

Immigration and Visa Support

Zeep has partnered with immigration and visa advisors, to ensure you have access to the information that you need. We empower you to make the right choice based on your individual situation

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